Past/Future Major Events

Click on the picture to hear Paula and John perform LIVE!
In 1999 and 2000 Paula also headlined as Tina and Cher, for 'Mermaid Pride’ and in 2000  appeared with Jimmy Somerville. Above Centre: Jimmy thanking Paula and presenting the flowers "What an amazing day we had. Paula you were fantastic! Your voice is truly incredible. "Jimmy Somerville, Mermaid Pride, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Paula has clocked up as many as 18/20 tours of Scandinavia with her
'Ladies of Rock2' Show and was dubbed Britain's Tina Turner! She headlined the launch of Coca Cola ’Sprite’ at the Falconer Centre, Copenhagen and also Denmark’s yearly Sankt Hans festival in Nyhaven,
During the show Paula dedicated Tina’s ’The Best’ to Robert for his achievements and work for charity over the past 25 years.  Robert quoted, “In the 25 years of my organizing charity events I have never had a cabaret as excellent as this. Paula, thank you so much.” Paula brought the house down and received yet another ovation. Robert Winsor has since been awarded, on the Queen’s Birthday, the ‘MBE’ for his dedication, considerable achievements and contribution to charity in the last 7 years on the island of Majorca. Congratulations Robert.

Jasper Carrot, one of the many celebrities attending the event, also thoroughly enjoyed Paula’s performance as Tina and later quoted at the Celebrity Dinner, “Paula, as Tina Turner you were absolutely fantastic!”

On the gala evening at Santa Ponsa Country Club, Paula performed a ‘cameo’ show of Cher, featuring Cher’s ‘Farewell Tour’ versions, of the most well remembered tracks. Including, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ and the medley, ’Half Breed’, Gypsy’s Tramps and Thieves, and ‘Dark Lady’. Ken Ross, of Celebrity Magazine quoted in an article from the magazine, “Paula Randell, whose impersonation of Cher was fabulous and had everyone on their feet dancing. The look, the outfits and the voice brought Cher right into the club.  What a night it had been, the guests were again so appreciative of the spectacle they had witnessed, none had ever seen such a show”. 

Left: Robert, Maria and Jasper Carrot  enjoying 'Simply The Best'!              Right: The 'Group' Alan Ball. MBE.

Left: Me with John Lodge of The Moody blues and Andrew Spence       Right: John, Jess, Angie, Rene, Kaysie and George

2001/2/3. Appeared in her very own cabaret room in Palm Springs, California, where, in 2003, Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt attended one of  Paula’s performances..... See photos and  read editorial/quotes on  PAULA IS CHER PAGE


In 2004 Paula had a high profile appearance in an eight week engagement starring in her own 'one woman' show  'Ladies of Rock 2' in Le Bistro Theatre at the famous “Riviera Hotel and Casino” Las Vegas. Performing as Tina Turner, Cher and Herself. 

Paula’s performance was incredible and both John and Paula received a standing ovation. John later quoted and signed,  (see snapshot of Paula live on stage in the Riviera Casino, Las Vegas that John signed for her) “It was just like singing with the'Duchess' (Tina’s affectionate name on tour). “you’ve  definitely got the voice and Tina off  to a ‘T’!” "It feels just like Tina next to me!" What a superb accolade from the ‘man himself’, John Miles, an extremely talented songwriter, with a terrific voice. Fans will no doubt, also remember John for his massive worldwide hit  'Music' (Was My First Love) log onto  for more

In May 2005 Paula attended the Robert Winsor Charity Golf Classic held at the Royal Bendinat Golf Club in Majorca, Spain.  She appeared as Tina Turner on the team selection evening and as Cher on the gala tournament evening. During her performance as Tina, Paula had the greatest pleasure of inviting  John Miles on stage, (Tina Turner’s lead guitarist and vocalist for over 12 years) to perform a duet, entitled, ’Try a Little Tenderness’, the identical version that both Tina and John performed, for over 2 years, on  her 24/7 Tina the Last Time Tour.               Click photo to hear excerpt from 2005.





This fantastic 'live' shot of Me and John Miles performing again for the prestigious and hugely successful Robert Winsor Charity Golf Classic was captured by Ken of Majorca's Celebrity Magazine....We had the most incredible time... I was privileged to be able to perform 2 of Tina's tracks with John this year. 'Addicted To Love', and 'Try A little Tenderness'. John took the stage for his set, after having had fantastic comedy entertainment by host, International  star Jasper Carrot, Joe Goodman and Paul Squire. Performing 3 songs, one of which was an amazing version of the duet he performed back in 95 'live' with Andrea Bocceli at the proms...'Misere', a beautiful, emotive song. A rousing rendition of his world famous 'Music'. Having brought the crowd to a frenzy John proceeded to introduce me....QUOTE: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have worked with Tina Turner for 15 years...I would like to introduce to you a lady who I believe to be the closest person to Tina I have ever seen. Please welcome, the incredibly talented.... Paula Randell". John left the stage to join his table. Entering from the back of the room I opened my set with 'Steamy Windows' and moved on to 'Addicted to Love'. Whilst 'strutting' the intro, John got up from his seat and proceeded to join me on stage! Amazing....the crowd cheered as we rocked, performing the song as a duet. We then went on to our favourite rock ballad, 'Try A Little Tenderness'. The 150 High Profile guests absolutely loved it...We 'brought the house down'. What a fabulous experience, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves up there, as can be seen from the photograph.. I am so proud to be able to perform with him. John has a voice like 'silk' when he is singing his swing numbers and a voice 'to die for' when performing rock songs. I finished  the night with the only finale, 'The Best', which I dedicated to the wonderful 'man himself', Robert Winsor MBE.. A staggering 255,000 euros was raised on the night, for what is, the largest and most successful charity event for children in Spain. Visit Robert's website on also, and  for more interesting info..


The Robert Winsor Charity Golf Classic Majorca 2006

2008 Saw Paula performing on 2 consecutive nights her Ladies of Rock2 Concert, featuring Tina & Cher within the same performance for The Lord's Taverners 10th Anniversary Cricket Event in Guernsey & the Island of Sark. Guests including Chris Tarrant, Judith Chalmers, Nicholas Parsons, Robert Powell, Bill Tidy, Mike Gatting, Neil Durden-Smith were in attendance.

2008  Paula performed her Totally Tina Show for The Willie Thorne Golf Classic held at Nailcote Hall Hotel Warwickshire.

2009  Paula 'headlined' as Totally Tina Turner for the Annual NSPCC Event, Guernsey  where The Lord Lieutenant Governor was in attendance. A hugely successful event raising in excess of £20,000.

2009  Paula once again 'headlined' the Willie Thorne Golf Classic Event as Completely Cher at Nailcote Hall Hotel, Warwickshire.

2010 April Will see Paula flying off  to 'headline' at The Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo for The British Association of  Monaco's Annual Event.