Me and Jasper Carrot at the 'Celebrity' Dinner. Santa Ponsa Golf and Country Club. Majorca 2006.

Golf Classic Events/Fun Photos 2005/6/7

Me and John Miles enjoying the event 2006! Cheers John..

Ron and Maggie enjoying the event. A lovely photo!

John Miles, Me and Jasper Carrot 'posing'! Celebrity Dinner 2005 Click pictures to enlarge...



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Me in 'action' on the night...Steamy Windows. Jess looks enthralled! 2005.





What A Great night that was!



Neil with 'The Team'. Robert Winsor MBE, Jess Conrad and Leo Nedlinger.

Neil on the tee at  The Robert Winsor Charity Classic 2005 Majorca.

 MBE, Jess Conrad and            







Robert Winsor MBE Penguin Cake ! Photo taken during The Celebrity Dinner held in the beautiful home of John and Kaysie Billington.


Me and John during our performance of 'Try A little Tenderness' duet in the Royal Bendinat Golf Club for Team Selection Night.





Me with Jorge Pando. Director of Golf. The Royal Bendinat Golf Club, Majorca, 2006.


Me after my show with John Lodge of (Moody Blues Fame), Jess Conrad, Angie of Celebrity Magazine, Rene Conrad, Kaysie Billington and Jorge Pando, Director of Golf.
Me with 'The Team'. Robert Winsor MBE, Jess Conrad, Jasper Carrot John Lodge and Alan Ball. MBE.

Me (Tina) with the great John Miles doing 'r thang' 2006. Click to enlarge..
Me, John, Eileen and Neil enjoying pre- dinner drinks on the terrace before the show.. click to enlarge picture..

Me and Ron Atkinson at the 'Celebrity' Dinner..Getting Lots Of 'Hugs' To-night!...


Me and Robert Winsor M.B.E. during the 'Celebrity' Dinner... What a lovely evening it was. Click photo to enlarge..


Me and Maggie Atkinson at the 'Celebrity' Dinner, 2006. We had a great time.. Click to enlarge picture.