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Tina Repertoire

"There's no doubt that Paula's voice is her forte. She actually sings Cher songs duplicating her voice, mannerisms and inflections. In fact Paula is so good that she could be a 'stand in' if Cher were taken ill. It would be difficult to tell Paula from the star herself!"
Dr. Hal Bargelt, excerpt from magazine article.from Bottom Line Magazine, Palm Springs.

Cher Repertoire

 "There really is little wonder that Paula Randell is regarded world wide    as the foremost vocal and visual impressionist of Cher and Tina Turner"
Dr. Hal Bargelt, The Bottom Line, Palm Springs.

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"The MD of Lawyers Title Group thanked us for finding such an amazing talent. He could not believe you could sing and perform as Cher plus change costume so quickly and be so perfect in every detail. He also commented on the jaw dropping costumes!"
Joseph Asria, The Lodge at Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, California.


"The whole Show is tremendous! Your voice is terrific, the scenery and lighting effects were superb. A wonderful Show that was enjoyed by all."
David Harris, Chairman, The Variety Club of Great Britain.

"You knocked'em in the aisles Paula, thank you so much for taking Wentworth by storm! I just wanted you to know how full of admiration I was for the way you took over the room with such great style to make the whole evening work so well."
Jerry Stevens. Tournament & Events Director, Variety Club of Great Britain.




"Ladies and Gentlemen I have worked with Tina Turner for 15 years. To-night I would like to introduce to you an incredibly talented lady whom I believe to be the closest to Tina I have ever seen or heard. Please welcome.......                  Miss Paula Randell."  John Miles. Tina Turner's Musical Director/Lead Guitarist and Vocalist.           Majorca 2006.

  " It was just like singing with the Duchess. She has the voice, the legs and Tina down to a 'T "....... John Miles. Tina Turner's Musical Director/Vocalist and Lead Guitarist.
  "Paula’s spectacular vocal and visual tribute to two of the most dynamic divas in show business, Tina Turner and Cher, have left our audiences in her showroom gasping in amazement".                                                                                                        The Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.  
"That was fantastic, absolutely brilliant". "That girl can sing!"                                        Trisha Goddard during my appearance on The Trisha Show 2000.
"What an amazing day we had. Paula you were fantastic! Your voice is truly incredible       as Tina & Cher."                                                                                                              Jimmy Somerville, Mermaid Pride, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Good Evening Paula,
I just wanted to write and let you know that I cannot find the words to express my thanks for the huge impact you created and my daughter Naomi's wedding as Tina Turner!
Naomi married David with special permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury to marry at the World Heritage site of Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. It was a small and intimate marriage and following the ceremony we had a marquee reception in view of the Abbey. Naomi, not known for being able to keep a secret did just that and as the lights went down, the candles were lit and in a cloud of light and smoke you appeared and the air was suddenly electric! I love all the photos of the audience with their mouths wide open in amazement and then everyone was up on their feet and dancing the night away
What a wonderful wonderful evening Paula.........Its now over a week since the wedding and the adrenaline and excitement is still in the air and everyone is still talking about your incredible performance, truly memorable
Thank you also for your kindness to Naomi and David and members of the family. We were all thrilled that you spent time talking to us all for quite some time after your show. You have certainly made the perfect wedding into the most perfect and memorable day.
With all our love and the best of regards
Janis (Stone) 26th Sep 2010
"You do my daughter so well. I've seen a lot of Cher Impersonators but you are the best." Georgia Holt.


"When I closed my eyes I thought my daughter was singing to me!"                Georgia Holt. Cher's Mother after Paula's Show, Palm Springs.


Performing as 'CHER' wearing a replica costume from her 'Farewell Tour' 2004 "What's an outfit without a whip?!"


John Miles and Paula performing their duets in Majorca 2006