That was great John......You were Brilliant.

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Is it or Isn't it?                                                                   Tina & John performing 'Try A Little Tenderness' together on The 24/7 Farewell Tour.
Click photo to hear excerpt of 'live' track.  Addicted To Love...See UTube!


Track 14 Taken from and recorded at Night                                                                         of The Proms 1995. Proms Orchestra            Il Novecento' Conductor Robert Groslot Proms Chorus Fine fleur conducted by Jef Smits The Electric Band by John Miles. Recordings BRTN, Mobile Studio.


Click John's Caricature to listen to this beautiful track 4:15. A 'Must Buy' Album.


John Miles With Andrea Bocelli.

Some great shots captured from the TV of  Me and John, performing 'LIVE' 2006. Also, above right the incredible TINA TURNER with John, during the track 'Addicted To Love', from The Wildest Dreams Tour

Celebrity Pics

Tina opening of 24/7 Farewell Tour. John in the background

Tina opening of 24/7 Farewell Tour 'THE LIPS!'

Another great shot captured by Warwick. Log onto:

Me and John 'Going For It'.

A 'still' captured from a video (hence the poor quality) taken of my show at The Redhurst Hotel Dinner Dance, December 2006. Notice the date in the corner! We had a really great night. Also a shot taken of the amazing lady herself  'TINA TURNER' in her opening costume on the 24/7 Farewell Tour....

'The Lips'

Warwick Upton Photography....


    The Robert Winsor Charity Golf Classic Majorca 2006

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What a wonderful experience. A night I will always remember.......... Performing the identical duet Tina and John sang on Tina's Farewell Tour. 'Tina Turner The Last Time 24/7'. On this very special occasion we gave a powerful performance and our exclusive crowd showed their appreciation with a standing ovation. John is famous in his own right for his numerous singles and album releases. Especially remembered for his monstrous hit back in 1976 entitled 'MUSIC'. John toured for Tina for over 15 years as her musical director, lead guitarist and vocalist. He contributed enormously with his amazing vocal range on all Tina's fantastic tracks. I'm looking forward to the next time John! Go to to read more about John the Rock Legend...

JOHN MILES performing with TINA TURNER

Click photo of Me & John for music sample

Quote:- The Stage And Television To-day

as a white girl can get...

Me & John                                                                   Performing 'Try A Little Tenderness' during my show at the Robert Windsor Charity Classic 2005.

This fantastic 'live' shot of Me and John Miles performing again for the prestigious and hugely successful Robert Winsor Charity Golf Classic was captured by Ken of Majorca's Celebrity Magazine....We had the most incredible time... I was privileged to be able to perform 2 of Tina's tracks with John this year. 'Addicted To Love', and 'Try A little Tenderness'. John took the stage for his set, after having had fantastic comedy entertainment by host, International  star Jasper Carrot, Joe Goodman and Paul Squire. Performing 3 songs, one of which was an amazing version of the duet he performed back in 95 'live' with Andrea Bocceli at the proms...'Misere', a beautiful, emotive song. A rousing rendition of his world famous 'Music'. Having brought the crowd to a frenzy John proceeded to introduce me....QUOTE: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have worked with Tina Turner for 15 years...I would like to introduce to you a lady who I believe to be the closest person to Tina I have ever seen. Please welcome, the incredibly talented.... Paula Randell". John left the stage to join his table. Entering from the back of the room I opened my set with 'Steamy Windows' and moved on to 'Addicted to Love'. Whilst 'strutting' the intro, John got up from his seat and proceeded to join me on stage! Amazing....the crowd cheered as we rocked, performing the song as a duet. We then went on to our favourite rock ballad, 'Try A Little Tenderness'. The 150 High Profile guests absolutely loved it...We 'brought the house down'. What a fabulous experience, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves up there, as can be seen from the photograph.. I am so proud to be able to perform with him. John has a voice like 'silk' when he is singing his swing numbers and a voice 'to die for' when performing rock songs. I finished  the night with the only finale, 'The Best', which I dedicated to the wonderful 'man himself', Robert Winsor MBE.. A staggering 255,000 euros was raised on the night, for what is, the largest and most successful charity event for children in Spain. Visit Robert's website on also, Celebrity Magazine on and     for more interesting info.. Click left photo to hear music!