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Paula Randell

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"What do I have for you this evening? "

"This show is a recap of my work done in the past."

Are you ready for me? Are you ready for some action? I'm going to take you on the journey of my career this evening starting from now all the way back to the beginning...and the beginning was 1960...and my first record was...Fool In Love.....World Renowned Paula Randell's Tina Turner Tribute will give your event that extra special touch and an  unforgettable evening.


"It was just like singing with the Duchess, you have the voice, the legs, and Tina off to a 'T'! You are without doubt 'SIMPLY THE BEST'! John Miles (Tina Turner's MD/ Lead Guitarist & VOCALIST)  After performing the same duet Tina and John performed on the 24/7 Tour!

Paula has been described as "As close to Tina Turner as  a white girl can get and proud of it!.  She has the same aggressive strut and husky belting voice.  Her dynamic performance out Tina's, Tina Turner and her act is good enough for the London Palladium".  Quote: The Stage & Television To-Day.

Las Vegas " We were standing outside the showroom and thought the real Tina Turner was singing," said John White. His wife Nigrisha agreed. "Unbelievable!"

Paula even amazed long-time Vegas entertainer and Tina tribute artiste for the World renowned 'La Cage' Show Larry Edwards, who quoted, "She has the voice, her costumes are outrageous and what legs!"

Pattie Cumberland from Knoxville, Tennessee was overwhelmed by  Randell's energy and Matt Daugherty exclaimed, "Her Tina is Tina! I couldn't believe it!" Riviera Casino Las Vegas

"You knocked 'em in the aisles, Paula.. I am full of admiration for the way you took over the room at Wentworth with such great style. A fantastic cabaret". Jerry Stevens. Tournament and Events Director, Variety Club of Great Britain Golfing Society.

Ruth Thompson. Organiser March 2011
Thank you thank you thank you. I have never ever received as many fantastic comments about one act as I have about you. You gave the Georgina Grace Trust Charity Ball that extra je ne sais quoi. You are a totally amazing lady. I don't know how I am gonna top your performance to have you back next year! Thanks once again xx



The above song list  includes many 'live' concert musical arrangements. Wildest Dreams Tour and  the Steamy Windows track from the recent TINA 'LIVE' Tour 09. Paula's tracks are of the highest standard and specially recorded to replicate the originals identically.





Above:  Video clip of a 'live' recording of Paula performing Steamy Windows.  Tina's most recent  image, opening song and costume from her Latest Tour TINA 'LIVE' Concert. The backing track is also the authentic Tina Concert musical arrangement.

Left: Tina 'Live' Poster



Above: Paula's Tina 'Live' CD

Above Right:  By way of comparison: TINA TURNER in action!

Left:  The Exact Replica Brown & Gold Beaded Dress with the 'Replica' black velvet evening coat as worn by Tina for GOLDENEYE

 Right: Another live performance shot. PROUD MARY





Tina Turner The ACID QUEEN!






Live Performance Photos.